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How Dixie II got its name…
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This is a story of the greatest motorboat race the world has ever known, of a contest that was won by sheer pluck of brave me..
Riva Aquarama Special - A beauty of ocean
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The Riva boat company celebrates its 170th anniversary in 2012. Pietro Riva started repairing and then building boats on Lago..
Timossi Ferrari 'Arno XI' Racing Hydroplane
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The ‘three-point’ hydroplane, devised in America during the late 1930s by Adolph and Arno Apel of New Jersey’s Ventnor B..
Water Racing Ferrari Hydroplane Boat
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Are you looking for a new hobby? Or maybe a new activity you can do with your young child? If so, the Ferrari Hydroplane radi..
Prototype rc boat Typhoon "flying' like a bullet
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Prototype rc boat Typhoon rolling, rotating, flying like a bullet because of tremendous torque. You can see the clip from 0:2..
RTR Riva Aquarama 87 cm surf smoothly
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Riva aquarama scale 1/10, 87 cm It's a model boat but motorized with twin 1800kv motors. Engine: Dual brushless motor..
Riva aquarama special built log
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Riva aquarama special, plank on frame, scale 1/10,  87 cm (long),  Step 1: cut frame ..
Video clips of RC Rivarama
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Here is our youtube channel , Please subscribe 1. RIVARAMA RC METALIC BLUE- RTR   2. RC ..
RC Rivarama hauled by RC Hummer
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Here are the photos from our norwegian customer Thank you very much Mr. Stig for sharing the photos   ..
Newly released Rivarama 120 cm, solid maple timber
Anh Tuan Bui 2014/09/29 4 comments 9444 viewed
Here are some photos of our newly released Rivarama. The hull was redesigned for better hydrodynamic, especially for RC. Size..
Successfully motorized Rivarama from a customer
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Here are some photos of rivarama 90cm from our customer. He successfully motorized the boat which was purchase..
Riviera 80cm from Mr. Wayne, Australia
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Here are photos share by our customer, Mr. Wayne from Australia. He creatively applied the fittings for riva aquarama to his ..
New hull design ver. 3.0 of Riva Aquarama Special 125cm
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New hull design (version 3.0) of Riva Aquarama Special scale 1:7 (125cm). More hydrodynamic, more stable, more emotional ..
Photos of Riva Aquarama 125 cm from our customer
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Photos of Riva Aquarama 125 cm from our customer   (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]..
photos of first run Riva Aquariva 90 cm
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First run of Riva Aquariva 90 cm     (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]..
RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR
RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR

RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR

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RC Rivarama Metalic Blue- RTR

This is the completed radio controlled model boat of Rivarama 90cm Violet - equipped with a high power brushless motor that can make the boat reach a top speed more than 50km/h on water.
The hull is made from wood that is planted in sustainable forests and processed to meet qualified standards (moisture rate <12%), which helps to resist weather changes. Products will be durable even in cold dry climate areas (North America, Europe...)
350 working–hours, skillful craftsmen and engineers, qualified materials created the value of the boat which is unique and gorgeous. No photo can express its beauty.
The best price for  the best quality. It is worth to each penny. You are buying directly from the manufacturer.


  • Dimensions: 90cm (long) x 28cm (wide) x 20cm (high)
  • 100% Complete wooden scratch - built, hand-crafted, planks on frame. Models are fully assembled, not in kits form. Wood was cut into strips, then they were grafted together to form the hull and deck, that is similar to the actual Rivarama Metalic Blue 90cm long.
  • It is hand made by skillful workers that guided by a professional engineer in each step to make sure the products are the same as the blueprints with good look.
  • It is specific and manual production, so products are very few, but exotic.
  • The boat comes with a solid wooden stand equipped with high standard electronic parts and high precise CNC aluminum hardware.
  • The real value of the boat is from combined labor work instead of natural resources. The cooperation of many skilful workers; carpenters, painters, technician, engineers, QC staffs that make value into the boat. It is a chain of works to accomplish it.

Specification: the boat is ready-to-run, including ALL RC-accessories which cost $440 .

  • Motor: dual brushless motor with 1800Kv water-cooled
  • ESC: dual 120A water-cooled
  • Battery: dual LIPO 4s 4000mAh, 30C (Optional, not included)
  • LIPO balancer kit: 5A, 6S (Optional, not included)
  • Shaft: 4mm flexible shaft
  • Propeller: dual nylon  3-blade propellers
  • Rudder: CNC aluminum rudder
  • Standard servo with dual bearings and 180oC rotational range
  • Radio controller: 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System with 800mAh battery
  • Water-cooling system

How is it made?
Production process is the combination of many skilful workers and craftsmen under the guidance of an engineer. It takes plenty of  works to make a boat.  The result, however, is a fantastic model.

  •     At first, wood materials and parts are selected carefully among the suppliers.
  •     Then they are dried to reach the standards to prevent the model from wrapping or splitting when changing climate.
  •     After that, wood is cut into pieces and bars.
  •     Then the pieces and bars of wood are grafted by special adhesion into the deck, and hull.
  •     When the boat is in frame, it is polished.
  •     Then, it is painted in 8 layers.
  •     Then, leather covered seats and the bright stainless steel fittings are fitted.
  •     Then, engineer and technician assembly electric parts and hardware into the hull
  •     Finally, the RC model boat is tested on water at the highest speed to make sure its performance.
In Centimeter 90cm (long) x 28cm (wide) x 20cm (high).
Product Details
Seat colors Cream
Material Type Leather, Wood, Brass, Stainless Steel
Water proof Yes
Open hull Yes
Number of Cockpit 1
Display stand Yes
Display case No
RC Accessories
Electric motor Dual high efficiency brushless motor with 1800Kv water-cooled
Electronic speed control (ESC) Dual 120A water-cooled
Battery Dual LIPO 4s 4000mAh, 30C (Optional, not included)
LIPO balancer 5A, 6S (Optional, not included)
Shaft Durable flexible shaft
Propeller Dual Aluminum CNC 2-blade propeller
Rudder Dual CNC aluminum long rudder
Radio controller 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System with 800mAh Li-ion battery

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